Start-Up & Shut-Down Checklist

System start-up checklist

  • Turn on Laser Power Supplies only as needed (Blue diode, Argon, Green HeNe, Red HeNe) and "On" for the Argon laser. The recommended warm-up is 10 min for the Argon and 30 min for the Gr HeNe.
  • Turn on the Surge Protected Power Outlet (computer, monitor, FV500 control unit & LG-PS2). Press the power button on the tower to turn on the computer.
  • Turn on the Mercury Burner.
  • Turn on the BX-UCB (Microscope Control Unit) located on the top shelf.
  • Turn on the Prior Stage Controller Power Supply.
  • Log-on to the computer using user name and password.
  • Wait at least 2 min for the microscope systems to initialize then double-click the Fluoview Icon (right) to launch the confocal program. Note: it takes about 2 minutes to launch.
  • Sign in on the log sheet (blue folder).
  • Turn the red lever on the nitrogen tank 90° counter-clockwise to power the air table.

Dispose of waste (e.g. used lens paper) in wastebasket and take your samples away to be disposed of according to hazardous waste/glass requirements. Cover microscope and turn off lights.