Olympus FluoView 500 Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope

In the FV500, Blue diode (405nm), Argon (488nm), Green Helium Neon (543nm), and Red Helium Neon (633nm) lasers are available. The fifth PMT detector, dedicated for transmitted light imaging, is outfitted for DIC images with which the confocal fluorescence images may be overlaid.

Automated software control of the FV500 lasers, filters, and BX61 microscope provides a simplified and user-freindly set-up of the system's hardware. The fully automated BX61 microscope allows complete control of the stage (xy) scanning and sample sectioning (z). In addition, time-lapse is possible on the FV500 with imaging rates of up to 4 frames/sec.

System components